“I want to thank you for YBBBP. It helped me so much in writing my proposal, which got me the agent I wanted (Gabby Bernstein’s agent, yah!), and a few weeks later a book deal with Adams Media (yah!). The examples were EXACTLY what I needed — especially since I was in a place where I had NO idea where to start. So, thank you, thank you, thank you. My book will be on bookshelves in January 2014!”

– Andrea Owen | Author of 52 Ways to Live a Kick-Ass Life  + Creator of Your Kick-Ass Life.
“I knew nothing about the book industry. And every mind-gremlin (and real human-being gremlin) told me that getting published would be hard, or even impossible for me. But I followed Your Big Beautiful Book Plan to a T and this spring, I signed a publishing deal with Beyond Words – Simon and Schuster. Without your plan, I doubt they would have even given me a second glance!

– Katie Silcox | Yogini + Creator of KatieSilcoxYoga.com
“Here is another Your Big Beautiful Book Plan success story: My book, Mind Body Home released today. THANK YOU Linda Sivertsen and Danielle LaPorte!

– Tisha Morris | Author of Mind Body Home, (Llewellyn Publications, December 2013) + Feng Shui Consultant at TishaMorris.com
“I was stuck in the mire of being halfway done with my book proposal, and YBBBP rescued me. Linda & Danielle are like the best wise fairy godmothers a writer could want. The depth of the program reassured me that I was on track, and their honey-we’ve-been-there-insights saved me hours of wasted time ‘chasing rabbits.’ I got a book deal with the first and only publisher I submitted to (New World Library)! YBBBP gave me clarity, encouragement and the solid information I needed exactly when I needed it most. When I was a little girl I loved books so much that I wanted to grow up to be a writer; YBBBP helped make that dream come true.”

– Samantha Bennett, Author + Founder of The Organized Artist Company
“For two years I’ve put off writing my book proposal. For two years I’ve came up with every excuse imaginable to put off sitting down and focusing on what I know I needed to do. After 30 minutes of digging into YOUR BIG BEAUTIFUL BOOK PLAN I was writing, planning, and plotting. I finally had the inspiration AND the framework I needed. The result? My first rough book proposal. There’s a lot of polishing to do, but two years of procrastination was just obliterated. If you’ve been putting off the writing the book you know you should be writing, this is the kick in the pants you’ve been waiting for.”

– Adam Baker | Creator, ManVsDebt.com
“You know you have a story in you…if you only knew how to get it published. After diving into Danielle + Linda’s book love fest, I am astounded with the top-shelf knowledge and talent shared. I could not look away. And now I am starting my second book–with a proposal this time.”

Susan Hyatt | Master Coach and Author of Create Your Own Luck, 7 Steps to get Your Lucky On
“Working with Linda + Danielle is the difference between signing with Random House or not. The difference between a great book deal and no book deal.”

Chrisanna Northrup | CEO of You Got Challenged! Inc. + author of The Normal Bar (Random House, summer 2012)
“Writers need all the help we can get and going the book proposal route—especially with such stars like you, Linda and Danielle—seems like the best way to set yourself up for success.”

Laura Munson | Author of the NY Times bestseller This Is Not The Story You Think It Is
I went to graduate school for writing, and YOUR BIG BEAUTIFUL BOOK PLAN is far more comprehensive than what I was offered in classes or week-long publishing workshops. This is a definitive, step-by-step guide for creating ‘gotta-have-it’ book queries and proposals, and it directly addresses what new and emerging writers want to know about the entire process. Forget the Publishing for Dummies books–this is about creating your best work and then getting it into the hands of someone who resonates with your brilliance.”

– Kate Swoboda | Creator, YourCourageousLife.com
“I want to offer writers the most distinctive, extraordinary advice and instruction that exists out there. And I only want to work with people who have sincerity, integrity, heart, and spirit. Danielle LaPorte is one of those people.

If you’re ready to put a book proposal together, if you’re looking for an agent, if you have an idea and you want to get it out there, try this program.”

Sarah Selecky | Award-winning author of This Cake Is For The Party + creator of the Story Is A State Of Mind e-course.
“Those model proposals alone are worth a ton — I wish I’d had them when I wrote my first proposal.”

– Jonathan Fields | Author of Uncertainty + founder, TribalAuthor.com
“Danielle LaPorte is on the leading edge of what it means to innovate in book creation and marketing. After 20+ years in the publishing industry, the true strategy stars stand out–Danielle is one of them.”

Lisa DiMona | Literary Agent, Lark Productions
“The world’s most successful people are magnetized to Linda Sivertsen for a very simple reason: she brings out the best in everyone she touches.”

Mimi Donaldson | International public speaker + bestselling author of Negotiating for Dummies (For Dummies, 1996)
“Linda Sivertsen is a champion for writers! GREAT energy, GREAT intuition, GREAT heart, GREAT knowledge of publishing!”

John Assaraf | Author of the NY Times bestselling series, The Street Kid’s Guide To Having It All
“Danielle and Linda have managed to create the richest, fullest, BIGgest and most BEAUTIFULly robust tome on creating your book plan that I could imagine. Bar none.

Vision. Strategy. Creativity. Visibility (this isn’t me being clever…these are the modules. swoon.)

Danielle and Linda lead the way with their abundant experience and complementary perspectives and invite some seriously heavy hitters from the industry to the table. In reading YBBBP, I felt like I had sidled up to the sleek Boardroom table in a Herman Miller chair and was invited to soak up the wisdom, revel in the anecdotes and release any questions fluttering around in my chest about writing a book plan (and in fact, a BOOK, period).

They put it alllll on the table. From “script-your-success idea” to making the decision to go traditional or self-pub route; from wooing your agent to leaning into your strengths; from hook pages to de-icking “platform”; from reveling in rejection to how your VA can pinch-hit for a publicist; from expectations management to stoking the fire of your vision, YBBBP has your gorgeous Author’s Ass COVERED.

It’s a rich buffet of ideas, tools and resources, delivered with soulful practicality and sizzling pragmatism.”

Tanya Geisler | CTI-certified coach + creator, Board Of Your Life
“Linda and Danielle unpack the mystique of becoming an author and lay it out like it’s a collection of art supplies. Your job is to pick.up.the.brush and paint your story. Make your art.

YBBBP blows away all of our preconceived ideas of what it means to be an author. It is not just a how-to book manual, it’s a manifesto + live action heroes + real examples + you, yes you.

I’m writing my first book proposal, so YBBBP is tear-jerkingly on time for me. Not only did I very quickly realize that I was starting with my ass end first, but there was NO TIME TO BITCH ABOUT IT. Danielle and Linda clearly define the action steps–from each blade of grass to the mountain top–to get me on the bestseller list and speaking to thousands, not hundreds. Ready to join me? C’mon. Gitty up.”

Dyana Valentine | Instigator Emcee + Functional Muse
“YOUR BIG BEAUTIFUL BOOK PLAN makes you wholeheartedly believe you can write a book. Then it shows you how to do just that, step by doable step.

With ease and elegance Danielle + Linda make the mysterious do-able. They make the complex simple without being simplistic (a rare talent). You can tell right away they know their stuff, they’ve been there, done that and they will light the way so you can follow in their high heeled steps. YBBBP is blow-you-away, badass and bountiful. This ain’t no fluff, this is real and righteous.”

– Lee-Anne Ragan, President, Rock.Paper.Scissors Inc.
“The NY Times did a poll in the not-too-distant-past, to find out just how many Americans harbor secret desires to become published authors. The result? 81%.

Staggering. A room of your ten best friends, and eight of them yearn to see a book with their name on it, beaming from the bookshelf. Yearning for credibility… status… achievement… completion.

I’m one of those eight people, damn straight. And if you’re reading this, chances are, you are, too.

I had the privilege of helping to curate + create YOUR BIG BEAUTIFUL BOOK PLAN, and it was thrilling to see it evolve from ‘a helpful how-to’ into the definitive guide to crafting your book, securing your publishing allies, and elevating your writing career.

Will this program serve your literary ambitions? Uh, absolutely. Am I biased? Maybe a little. But I can shelve my personal pride in seeing this beautiful baby launched long enough to say: this is the program 81% of us have been waiting for.
Get with the program. And write. NOW.”

– Alexandra Franzen | Promotional Wordsmith & Digital Scribe, AlexandraFranzen.com
“Having access to this level of information like this has NEVER been possible before — it made me feel like a CIA agent that had ‘TOP SECRET’ insider information to make my book proposal UNDENIABLE to publishers. Right from the start, I got a HOT subtitle, updated my table of contents + am now creating a book proposal my Agent will just be fired up to shop around for  an even better advance than we thought.”

– Hillary Rubin, author Giving Up Is Not An Option 2012/2013, Breakthrough Coach + Wellness Pioneer HillaryRubin.com
“I have been burning to bring my story to life, and I decided to buy ‘Your Big Beautiful Book Plan’ to help me manifest my book. To be able to take what you think and feel on the inside, articulate it out to the world onto pages is beautiful, scary, brilliant and very fulfilling.

As I read other people’s stories, experiences and journeys with their books, I was able to visualize my own experience. The insight into the industry, the journey and hard work involved… I can’t wait to be a part of it! I’m rock solid, restless and ready to go!”

– Sara Nguyen SocialMediaRocketeer.com
“Kick-ass motivation and on-the-ground wisdom… I sent my Query Letter to four literary agents and in less than 12 hours one wrote back and asked me for the first 50 pages of my manuscript. (Are you kidding me?!?) I signed with the exact one I wanted! Follow the plan. Results are waiting for you!”

– Ronna Detrick RonnaDetrick.com
“I was already writing my second book — my first was a self-published — and planned to self-publish again. But the day after YBBBP was released, a friend offered to make an intro to a top agent for me… so I took it as a sign and snapped up the book!

YBBBP really opened my eyes to the actual selling of a book! I loved the little boxes of insight from Danielle and Linda. They show you what normally works, as well as showcasing people who break all the rules. The samples are key- I loved the variety of examples of successful pitches. They are all so different, showing that we can really be ourselves when pitching our books.

I now have a finished book proposal ready and have started 2012 with a bang. The next time you hear from me, we’ll have an agent, and after that we’ll have a book deal!”

– Betsy Talbot MarriedwithLuggage.com
“Inspiring, New, Must-Have Resource for Writers…

If you are a writer, are thinking of writing, if you have a book in you…YOU must get Your Big Beautiful Book Plan created by Danielle LaPorte and Linda Silversten.

This is the best resource on writing a book proposal and plan that I have ever seen (and I have read a lot them!). I am so proud to be able to offer this product to you! It will make you want to stay up all night and write, write, write. And get your ducks in a row to get your beloved writing published and read!”

“Just wanted you to know that even just scratching the surface of YBBBP has changed the course of 2012 for me. I’ve been writing a science fiction novel for the better part of my adult life. This year? I finish it. This year, I get this little gem published.”

– Amanda Farough Violetminded Design
“First of all, these girls know their stuff. They’ve done it. They’ve helped others do it. Their tips are timely, practical and produce results. They share case studies of themselves and clients, and even share the plans that helped them get agents and book deals. They really over-deliver in the content department. Every time I got to a new chapter, I was amazed at how much information and resources they provide. They take you through section-by-section on HOW to write a book plan, and tell you all the tips and also share the mistakes novices make. It’s a great straight read, and I have also enjoyed going to back to read certain sections I forgot, or catch an audio that reminded me about a key tool. It’s like the crystal ball for book plans.”

– Michelle McCullough Startup Princess
“YBBBP is the Bible for writers, storytellers authors, book contracts aspirants, self publishers and those who believe their stories will make for miracles.
What an honor to work with both these wonderful women–Linda: You are Heaven on Earth. You believe in me. I can do it.
Danielle: You are fire. You ignite. You give permission.”

– Durga Holzhauser, The Female Grail

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“Wow. Listened to 1st #bookplan audio track from @DanielleLaPorte & @LindaSivertsen. Feel like I may figure out this creative life after all.
nbaute via Twitter

this morning i’m grateful for the amazing work Danielle LaPorte puts out into the world. (and the person that sent me her new course as a gift!)
two years ago a literary agent accepted my query and offered to represent me. i developed cold feet and decided i “wasn’t ready.” i don’t regret that decision, because my feelings were genuine (although probably steeped in more fear than was necessary), but now i sit here hoping i didn’t pass up a once in a lifetime opportunity. hmm… it’s never too late, keep moving forward…
Heather Bruggerman via Facebook

“Walking the dog, still listening to the soothing and reassuring voices of Danielle LaPorte and Linda Sivertsen. I’m walking on structure and inspiration. Clear vision. Sunny side up. ”
Lou Niestadt via Facebook

“Linda, Just wanted you to know I am totally blown away by YBBBP! Amazing content, gorgeously delivered and so inspiring. I’m absolutely devouring it and so grateful you put your genius out in the world! Thank you :)”
Lisa Byrne via Facebook

“Your passion is your qualification.” by Danielle LaPorte BUY THIS!!! I’ve been deep in this amazingly comprehensive and inspiring multi media experience for the last 36 hours… A total MUST if you’re a writer. MUST!”
Elena Rego via Facebook

“This is part of the email I received from my YBBBP partner shortly after I connected with you:
“Who thought this book thing would just be WAY more then a just a “BOOK THING” – but a journey into the core of what we’re really here to do?!!”
This YBBBP is now part of MBBL&B (My Big Beautiful Life and Biz)
Maren McMillan via Facebook