Tiphani Montgomery

Tiphani Nicole Montgomery was born and raised in Rochester, New York, and moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, at the age of twenty-one, where she enrolled in Saint Augustine College. Realizing early on that school wasn’t for her she left college after attending one semester and quickly chose a different route. In 2005, Tiphani jumped out on faith and self published a book of poetry. Following her first release, Tiphani’s sophomore book, If I Knew Then…, made its debut in 2006. Content with just writing poetry, it took a stranger to push the possibility of something bigger and the rest is history. In addition to writing, Tiphani has established a non-profit organization to encourage financial literacy among teenage mothers.

The Millionaire Mistress, Tiphani Montgomery, (Life Changing Books)

Still a Mistress: The Saga Continues, Tiphani Montgomery, (Life Changing Books)

Millionaire Mistress 3, Tiphani Montgomery, (Life Changing Books)

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